My career has crossed paths with a variety of social, private, public, and international sectors. For the past ten years, I have been taking part in developmental work and have been engaged with hundreds of youth startups and businesses, helping build community programs that target affected entrepreneurs. I have also worked with corporates and the public sector to help them make the most developing and implementing solutions. Where there are crises, my mentality has always been to look for the occasion.

Over the years, I have been bringing expertise in entrepreneurship in FCV states, supporting refugees’ economic development and integration, building grassroots communities, in addition to promoting collaboration transformation.

I have also established relations with community-based sources that can help guide us to the information we are researching, whether in civil society, startups, or at international organizations.

My experience in research and encouraging young people to take part in the future of their making has driven me on. I have traveled around more than 30 countries to listen to them, and the work I have done has a principal aim, promoting the potential of aspiring young people. I have established a vast network across regions of the world, including those that have been ‘left behind’ in typical research.

Some of the organizations I advise or have worked with include

My work has appeared on, The World Economic Forum, Forbes, The Guardian, Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, and more. Also, presented in top stages including the Palais des Nations (UN), EU Parliament, ESCWA, World Bank, Wilton Park, Google, SPARK Ignite, Techfugees summit, Startup Istanbul, and many more.

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