Illustration by Joud Tanta

My career has crossed paths with a variety of social, private, public, and international sectors. For the past ten years, I have been taking part in developmental work and engaged with hundreds of early-stage startups and businesses, helping build community programs that target affected entrepreneurs. I have also worked with corporates and the public sector to help them make the most out of developing and implementing solutions.

Over the years, I have been bringing expertise in entrepreneurship and community building in conflict and fragile states, supporting vulnerable people's economic development and integration, building grassroots communities, in addition to promoting collaboration transformation.

I have also established relations with community-based sources that can help guide us to the information we are researching, whether in civil society, startups, or international organizations.

My research background and encouraging young people to take part in the future of their making have driven me on. I have traveled around more than 25 countries to listen to them, and the work I have done has a principal aim, promoting aspiring young people's potential. I have established a vast network across the world, including those that have been 'left behind' in typical research.

I presented objective evidence of the impact of entrepreneurship in the conflict zone and the refugee community. I published the first comprehensive studies about the topic. I put many years of my work with numerous Syrian founders to the public to spread knowledge and inspire a movement and actions to help those communities. My books and publications have received extensive media coverage and a great review from world bestseller authors, entrepreneurship institutes, and international organizers.

Illustration by Joud Tanta

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Yannick Du Pont


“Ahmad has done an excellent job in leading the Startup Roadshow across the Middle East with SPARK, leading to excellent Syrian start-ups. Moreover, he helped us do an excellent market assessment, mapping all relevant actors in the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Lebanon. Finally, we were very happy to support his great work on the Markets assessment for refugees in the time of COVID, which is much appreciated by us and the entrepreneurs we support. I hope to keep working closely with him in the forthcoming period.”

Valentina Primo

CEO Startup Without Borders

“Ahmad has become the most influential and impactful figure for young Syrian entrepreneurs around the world. Not only is he a seasoned trainer, with solid experience in startup formation and entrepreneurship, but more importantly, he is a thought leader in the field of refugee entrepreneurship. His research and his published books regarding Syrian entrepreneurs has not only impacted thousands but also greatly contributed to building solid grounds to empower entrepreneurs born in conflict zones.”

Grace Atkinson

CEO of Jusoor

“Ahmad has been instrumental in setting up and running the Jusoor entrepreneurship program. Ahmad has worked with Jusoor as both a project manager and researcher, I am consistently impressed by Ahmad’s professionalism, ability to multi-task and design and manage complex projects. He always completes a quick turn around of work, and when needed, he supports with sourcing additional contractors to complete different aspects of work. He offers unique and experienced insight into the world of refugee entrepreneurship, I have seen Ahmad speak at multiple events, and would highly recommend him as an expert speaker. Thank you Ahmad for all your support, and I look forward to working together in the future. ”

Alan Barbieri

Head of Programmes at The Human Safety Net

“Ahmad is the living example that unlocking potential in human beings is not only possible but it can lead to great success. His story is truly interlinked with The Human Safety Net and we are proud of it. As a Syrian refugee entrepreneur in Europe, he showed the world what resilience means, especially when coupled with skills and dedication. Because of his deep knowledge of the sector, we are also honored to host him as a member of our Expert Panel on refugee entrepreneurship, supporting The Human Safety Net in selecting the best projects part of our Scale Up Impact programme. We look forward to continuing this close collaboration.”

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