Insights on The Startups in Syria.

By Ahmad Sufian Bayram

Foreword by Brad Feld
Co-founder, Foundry Group and Techstars

January 2017


Nearly half a million people have been killed and 1.9 million wounded. 12.6 million people have been forced out of their homes, of whom, more than a half are internally displaced. The death and damage in Syria have shown no sign of abating.

The conflict in this country of 185,000 square kilometers has affected every aspect of life and left the future of a great nation in complete darkness. Jobs have been lost, businesses closed and markets are on the verge of collapse.

Entrepreneurship In Conflict Zones report brings to the spotlight the Syrian entrepreneurship in the country, the challenges it faces, the potential it has and the uncertain future that lies ahead.

The report draws on data from a study examining the views and experiences over a period of twelve months of research, during which 268 interviews were conducted with Syrians entrepreneurs. The study also included an open discussion and series of interviews with experts as well as insights from local startups.

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