Insights into Syria Refugees Startups in Host Countries.

By Ahmad Sufian Bayram
Foreword by Christopher M. Schroeder

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In a time when refugees are frequently debated in the news as a problem, it is easy to forget the hardship they had been through. Having escaped destruction, traumas, and even death, they arrive at their host countries with determination to make the most of their new home, and many have gone on to achieve their ambition in becoming entrepreneurs.

This report, Entrepreneurship in Exile, is built on data from a study examining hundred Syrian refugees entrepreneurs’ views and experiences to spot the light on them, the challenges it faces, the potential it has and the uncertain future that lies ahead. It provides a stark reminder that, given the right circumstances, refugees can contribute to the local society and economy of the host country.

I hope this work, which puts my seven years of work with numerous Syrian founders in your hand, will spread some knowledge and inspire a movement where we can all come together and help. No matter where you live or what means you have at hands, if you’re reading this, you can do something.

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