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Insights on The Iranian‬ ‪Startup‬ Ecosystem

June 25, 2015

By Ahmad Sufian Bayram

1 min

Interesting facts I learned about the Iranian startup ecosystem: I’ve collected up some thoughts of this emerging ecosystem that I was able to explore.

1) It’s a startup clone market! Because of the sanctions Iranian entrepreneurs start setting up Iranian versions of the international successful startups like: YouTube (Aparat), Groupon (Takhfifan), eBay (Mozando), Amazon (Bamilo), and Uber (Taxi Yaab).

2) It worked: Digikala‬, is an online Iranian e-commerce site similar to Amazon, is estimated to be worth $150 Million which has around 750,000 unique visitors per day!

3) The majority of Iranian use smartphones (mostly iPhones), and Iran is the 2nd the highest internet penetration and user base of any country in the Middle East.

4) lifting the sanctions going to effects MANY earlier stages startups in Iran that can’t compete with the regional and international startups.

5) Iran hosting the biggest number of entrepreneurial events in MENA‬ region! FYI: Iran organized +30 ‪‎Startup Weekend‬ events last six month only! And the greatest SW mega event in the world with +500 participants.

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