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Introducing Startup Syria: A Platform for Syrian Founders

February 2, 2017

By Ahmad Sufian Bayram

2 min


Working closely with the startup community, especially the Syrian community, has inspired me to launch the Startup Syria platform where we’ll be doing our best to empower founders and entrepreneurs in Syria and outside.

Syrian entrepreneurs are a living proof that nothing can kill the innovation spirit. Startup Syria is a community page with a mission to support Syrian entrepreneurs everywhere in the world.

Throughout the journey, we will shed light on everything a Syrian entrepreneur (or any entrepreneur) can make use of. From articles and publications to online sessions with mentors and networking, we aim to inspire and support Syria’s entrepreneurial community that will shape the future of Syria.

This platform saw the light after years of work and researching to examine the views and experiences of Syrian entrepreneurs to better understand the challenges they face, the potential they have and the uncertain future that lies ahead. You can check our full report work: “Entrepreneurship in Conflict Zones – Insights on The Startups in Syria

Entrepreneurship has the potential to not only boost economic recovery, directly serve communities and benefit those in need, but also help to sustain peace after years of violence, war, and bloodshed in a country that looks to learn from its past and lead its way to recovery.

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