Rebuilding Futures: Empowering youth and entrepreneurs in fragile states – SPARK Ignite Conference 2017

One can further point to the key difficulties of transferring money in order to support refugee entrepreneurship. However, blockchain technology emerged as a solution to this problem. Essentially, Blockchain is an open, or decentralized database containing records which are linked and secured through cryptography.

Blockchains are also seen as a means of creating a digital form of identification and eliminating the need for a traditional financial institution to “mediate transactions.”

What happened in the Jordan setup, they distributed Blockchain vouchers for the community of refugees in order to let those people buy groceries and they were able to track the groceries and limit it to exclude alcohol or cigarettes out of this, so Blockchain can help the refugees and offers government and businesses the opportunity to better understand the refugees, provide a solution that better fits everyone and start-ups can take this role to make sure this is happening.



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