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Startup Ecosystem Canvas – Syria!

January 3, 2016

By Ahmad Sufian Bayram

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Understand Syria Startup Ecosystem in one, single image. Please share widely, with attribution, non-commercially.

The Startup Ecosystem Canvas – Syria! Seeks to provide a clear list of resources for every stage of the startup journey. Also, the canvas can represent a shared understanding of what the Syrian entrepreneurial environment is and allows a good perspective on the local level to exploit existing chances and, at the same time, to identify missing links.

The Startup Ecosystem Canvas model was developed by the Founder Institute, a business incubator, and entrepreneur training center. It outlines a framework for communities at every stage of their startup journey (idea, launch, and growth).

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Notable Industry Stats:

1) Sixty-six percent of the working organizations focus on the idea stage and beginner knowledge sharing, 25 percent focus on the launch stage and only 9 percent support startups in the growth stage on the media side.

2) Eighty-six percent of organizations targeting Syrian startups are located inside the country, especially in Damascus, while only 14 percent are outside the country.

3) There are no financial institutions designed for the purpose of supporting local startups in the country.

4) The main support for startups and local entrepreneurs comes from community-oriented organizations, followed by the private sector and the public sector.

5) Regional entrepreneurial organizations play a minimal role in supporting and targeting startups in Syria in their programmes and activities.

6) The majority of those mapped organizations and communities were only established after 2013.


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