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Despite The Struggles, Many Syrian Refugees Started their Own Businesses in Exile


Syrian entrepreneurs, like the wider population of Syria, have fled the country to seek sanctuary around the world. Having taken their ideas and ambitions with them, they have met with mixed success in their new homes. Some have managed to create new startups and thrive in innovation-friendly environments, while others have grappled with a range of challenges that make it harder for small and medium-sized enterprises to get off the ground.

In my recent book “Entrepreneurship in Exile” which examed hundred Syrian refugees entrepreneurs’ views and experiences. I have heard direct from founder from Turkey to Jordan, Germany, and Canada, we heard about the people who took a step and made a decision. They left behind a country, a home, a memory, and took their journey to the unknown. They settled in their new home, started a business, became employers and contributed to the local economy.

The results were incredible, despite the severe conditions in which refugees and immigrants live, they have shown incredible strength and resilience. Many have worked hard to achieve their ambitions, becoming a refugee and immigrant entrepreneur.

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Refugees Are Not A Burden; They Are An Opportunity!


Given that the act of picking up and moving to another country is an inherently brave and risky decision, it should be of no surprise that refugees and immigrants have repeatedly been found to be more entrepreneurial than locals.

Economic activities of refugees are generally heavily restricted by legal constraints, including limitations on movement, no labour market access or only partial access, and denial of financial and nonfinancial services for entrepreneurs.

Dealing with the refugee crisis is a huge challenge, and it should involve people from both host and refugee communities working together to create greater opportunities. We need to breakdown walls between people and build an inclusive and collaborative community and exchange of time, experiences and expertise in order to achieve mutually beneficial results.

Refugees are more likely to start businesses than locals. They are hungry to succeed, which has more to do with playing to win and less to do with playing with percentages. It is a survival game.

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blockchain could help the refugee

Three Issues With Which The Blockchain Could Help The Refugee Community


The underlying technology of the bitcoin “blockchain” has become a significant invention of our time, with high potential to disrupt a large number of today’s industries and change the lives of many, including the refugee community. Blockchain technology can help save the lives of millions of refugees by solving some of the most critical problems they face. Here are three ways the blockchain could help refugee and tackle these issues:

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